Blackjack Card Counting Systems

Card counting is a well known blackjack strategy designed to increase the players odds against the house. Unlike roulette or slots where each round of the game is independent of others, blackjack involves a gradual removal of cards, making it possible to reasonably estimate what will be played in the next hand.

Card Counting Basics

The basics of any card counting system are built upon the simple understanding that the deck is in the players favor when it has an abundance of tens and aces, and in the houses favor when it holds an abundance of low cards between 2 and 6. The best card counting system will help the player keep track of the cards in the deck to quickly determine who has the edge. Bolder playing strategies can be implemented when the deck is working in the players favor, while the strategy should be to play more conservatively when the house has the edge.

Card Counting Strategies

A good card counting system makes it quick and easy for the player to keep track of the cards that have been played. However, this requires excellent math and memory skills in even the best of situations. Card counting involves assigning a numerical value to every hand thats been played, then keeping a running tally of the sum of these values.

Careful card counting can help the player turn black jack odds in his or her favor. However, successful card counting is very difficult and takes time and practice to master. In the right situations, card counting can be used in both live casinos and with blackjack online.