Play Live Blackjack at Global Live Casino: Enjoy Exciting Incentives

Global Live Casino makes use of Distance Gaming technology, which is made available by Vuetec ltd. They transmit live blackjack game from the renowned FItzwilliam Card Club and Casino, which is situated in Dublin. The video that they receive consist of the real sounds and sights from the actual land based casino. When you play live blackjack game at Global Live Casino, you are also allowed to interact with the actual game dealer.

The rules, which you need to follow in order to play live blackjack game, are quite simple. For instance, all that you need to do is to move as close as possible to 21 devoid of crossing it. When the game ends, if you manage to secure a higher total in comparison to the dealer, you win the game.

However if you play live blackjack at Global Live Casino, then you are entitled to enjoy certain added features. One of the attractive features is Early Payout. This particular feature offers incentive that allows you to receive a cash price, the value of which is decided based on the cards, which you have already played at certain point of the blackjack game in addition to the worth of the actual game dealer's face card.

Another exciting feature offered by Global Live Casino to all their members when they play live blackjack on their site is the Doppleganger bet. This is actually a non-compulsory side-bet, which a player can bet on his first two cards. If you go for the Doppelganger optional side-bet and your first two cards are of the same kind, then you end up winning the game. The prize money of the Doppelganger bet is decided based on the nature of pair that you manage to get. For instance, same suit, same color, or identical face value have different values.