Blackjack-Truth Behind Modern Single Deck Games

In early history of casino gambling, single deck blackjack was really common. One reason was that witty and sharp players could easily count cards and it would tremendously drop the house's edge. Proceeding those times, the overall trend of single deck blackjack game was discouraged and almost eliminated from pages of blackjack history.

Canadian Online casinos have taken measures to incorporate Single Deck game in blackjack genre but they made a few changes to it as per the rules. Don't get jumpy just because you think you could count cards or win easily. Here is what you need to look out for:

Rule 1:

Instead of going for normal 3 to 2 ratio on natural hand of blackjack, now you are offered a 6 to 5. This means that if on minimal scale you bet 10$, you will get a payout of 12$ maximum and it is not really that much interesting.

Rule 2:

In old blackjack games, the dealer couldn't hit on a soft 17 hand but now a deal can and a dealer does hit on a soft 17 and it really hurts the player financially.

Rule 3:

Don't be dumb. It implies that if you think single deck blackjack is as simple as before then you need to open up your grandfather's blackjack book and go through all rules and strategies. Now compare them to a modern guide and jot down the differences.

Rule 4:

In a single deck game, your cards are dealt to you with face down and you cannot touch them until it is necessary.

For starters this game of blackjack is something interesting but there is nothing like practice and patience. If you want to score big, start practicing today.